September 16, 2014 | Updated 12:25pm

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Connecticut’s MDI Problem

When it comes to minority depository institutions, it’s easier for the feds to talk the talk...

Hartford Tests Market For Microapartments

Carlos Mouta is one of 13 developers using financing from the Capital Region Development...

Zillow-Trulia Merger Will Have Big Impact

News of the Zillow-Trulia merger hit the real estate world like Chris Farley doing a...

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Updated Tuesday, Sep. 16 @ 12:25pm

Current News

Connecticut Home Sales Post Slight Gain In July

Connecticut single-family home sales rose slightly in the month of July, marking the fifth time sales have increased year-over-year in 2014, according to the latest report by The Warren Group, publisher of The Commercial Record.

Freddie Mac Expects Strong Growth In Multifamily Rental To Continue

In its September update on the state of the housing market, analysts at Freddie Mac point to the strong growth in multifamily rental construction as the key bright spot in the sector.

Farmington Office Building Sold For $20.5M

The regional U.S. headquarters of Allied World Assurance Co. has been acquired by Boston-based Albany Road Real Estate Partners for $20.5 million.

AdviceOne Opens Waterford Office

Wealth management firm AdviceOne LLC has opened an office in Waterford.

Cable Design, Manufacturing Company Relocates HQ To Killingly

C & M Corp. has leased 147,878 square feet in Killingly.

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Connecticut Single-Family Home Sales Post Slight Gain In July

Timothy M. Warren Jr., CEO of The Warren Group, discusses the July real estate activity.

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