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Kathleen Godwin

Bringing a genuine sense of caring to the demographic she serves, Kathy Godwin, New England team manager at Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, oversees a group of 17 in the Medicare division. Through client interactions, community outreach and presentations, her group keeps the public informed of the services and products available to seniors and those living with disabilities, and helps eligible clients to make the best choices.

Alexis Trzcinski

Getting things done has always been a way of life for Alexis Trzcinski, who began dabbling in the business word at an early age. “As young as thirteen, I baked cakes, had a neighborhood pet care business, sold Avon, and even ran a pretty vast babysitting empire, if I do say so myself! I learned quickly, if you want something, go out and get it.”

Patty Dyer

Patty Dyer’s passion for helping people and serving her community is reflected both in her present role as vice president of mortgage lending at Union Savings Bank, and in the countless hours of charity work she’s accumulated over the years. Dyer’s 35-year career in banking began when she was a college student, working part...

Melanie Joy

Melanie Joy brings over 25 years of commercial real estate lending experience to her current position as senior vice president of commercial banking at United Bank in Glastonbury. Created in 2014 through a merger of United Bank and Rockville Bank, United currently has over 50 branches in Connecticut and Massachusetts, with more than $6.3...

Patricia Jatkevicius

Patricia Jatkevicius credits her career to two individuals: A consultant who proved to be a valuable teacher, and a bank president willing to give her a chance. The consultant approached the bank president and recommended Jatkevicius for the job of marketing director. Recognizing her talents, yet acknowledging that she didn’t have vast experience in the area, he suggested a one-year trial.

Teresa Knox

Teresa Knox’s expansive 28-year career spans a number of areas in the financial services industry, including community banking and mutual funds administration. It all began at Mechanics Savings Bank, where, following a move back to the Hartford area, she took a branch position as a customer service representative.

Julie Tétreault

At the tender age of 10, Julie Tétreault caught an early glimpse into her life’s direction. A spring break spent going door-to-door in search of an internship landed her a job at the office of Wallace-Tustin Realty. Tétreault sold multiple homes while still a college student, and by age 24, was Wallace-Tustin’s top salesperson.

Julie Tétreault

At the tender age of 10, Julie Tétreault caught an early glimpse into her life\’s direction.

Jane Warren

As a child, Jane Warren, a partner with the law firm McCarter & English LLP, pictured herself as a lawyer.

Nancy Pantoliano

Nancy Pantoliano, office leader at Prudential Connecticut Realty in Wilton, began her career in real estate following a successful 22-year stint as a professional model. While the two professions may seem unrelated, she\’s found many connections between the two.

Linda Houston

Linda Houston is no stranger to the benefits of hard work and commitment. In the early 1980s, she left a successful career as a professional dancer to go into financial advising. Over the next 25 years, she rose to become a managing director and New England market executive for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

Leslie Karen Hammond

As client liaison/project manager for the Mystic River Building Co. LLC, creating the ideal home for her clients isn\’t something that Leslie Karen Hammond takes lightly. With a deep respect for family and nature, she makes sure each project upholds her belief that where people live affects how they feel.