Nicole Thomas has been the senior relationship manager for Wells Fargo in the Norwalk area for more than four years. She started in the call center and worked her way up the corporate ladder over the last 14 years. She’s a top performer who has won many awards from her peers and from management; coworkers call her an excellent communicator who thinks outside the box.

Thomas’ role consists of getting to know existing client’s business goals, strategies and challenges and trying to connect them with the resources to achieve success. Behind the scenes, the Charter Oaks State College grad performs financial analysis, structures secured and unsecured business loans across many different areas of finance, from real estate investments to capital financing.

“I like meeting with different clients in different industries and helping them meet their growth plans,” Thomas said. “Plus, it gives me the flexibility to work on community development.”

Lisa Zucaro has worked with Thomas for the last two years and nominated her for a Women of FIRE Award.

“Nicole understands that it takes a village to get things done, and she knows who to go to in order to accomplish that,” Zucaro said. “She is a top performer and well respected in the business banking group.”

Thomas manages a portfolio of approximately 100 business relationships with companies in various industries and with annual revenues between $2 million and $50 million, earning her the respect of the business banking group.

“I have learned a great deal from Nicole – in life and at work,” Zucaro said. “I feel fortunate to not only work with her, but to call call her a friend. Nicole is a compassionate, caring person who works hard and it’s shown in all facets of her life.”

After studying microlending in South Africa and Botswana five years ago, Thomas said she felt compelled to help people living in struggling countries, so she contacted her local Habitat for Humanity office and got involved internationally. She has volunteered in Armenia, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, China and Malawi and is returning to Africa to lead a humanitarian trip to Ghana in March 2016.

“Nicole is unique in that she’s very accepting of people for who they are,” Zucaro said. “She is very fun and open to people who are different from her and learning from them.”

Thomas is also an avid athlete and especially enjoys wakeboarding, paddleboarding and basketball.

Nicole Thomas

by Jim Morrison time to read: 2 min