“When Filomena is determined to get something done, she gets it done,” said Bobbie Bartucca, who has firsthand experience trying – and failing – to resist the passion, commitment and energy of Filomena Soyster.

Soyster joined the financial services industry right out of college after completing a commercial lending training program at Bankers Trust Co. in New York. Today, she’s a senior vice president and private client advisor at U.S. Trust, where she helps high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions manage their assets. Her many community involvements include serving as a corporator of St. Francis Hospital, a member of the Connecticut Women’s Council and a member of the Farmington Garden Club.

Soyster is also a co-founder and president of the foundation at the Malta House of Care, a mobile medical clinic that provides free health care services to Hartford-area residents. To date, the clinic has provided health care services to more than 30,000 patients.

Several years ago, Soyster wanted Bartucca to join the nonprofit’s board of directors. Bartucca had spent her career working in theater, and didn’t think she’d be a good fit for a health care service. Soyster disagreed.

“She was relentless, but in a very nice way. She would call me every week, asking me to think it over again. Finally, one day she said, ‘Okay, I respect your decision, but just come to the clinic one day and let me show you what it’s about.’ She knew if she got me there, there was no way I could say no,” Bartucca recalled.

Soyster has the same desire to help others when it comes to her clients at U.S. Trust.

“Clients, whether business or individuals, really matter to me because in working with our firm, we help clients to achieve what matters to them,” she said. “Many clients are very philanthropic. Many take care of others as well as themselves.”

Soyster’s professional success and achievements in her community make her a desirable mentor for young women looking to start their careers, Bartucca said, and that is another role she is more than happy to fill.

“She’s so willing to mentor young women who are just entering the business world, or who are already in the business world but need some advice about moves they should make next,” Bartucca said. “She has more energy than anyone I know.”

Where does Soyster find the energy to do so much?

“Most people are able to do a lot of what they love doing,” Soyster said. “It’s a great privilege to be joyful about your life and your career.”

Filomena Soyster

by Anna Sims time to read: 2 min