Traci O’Brien likes being busy. Between working as individual health insurance sales representative for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, volunteering for numerous organizations, and being a mom, her calendar is always full.

While working in the insurance industry isn’t for everyone, O’Brien said, she loves her work.

“I help people save money every day,” she said. “I help them find affordable coverage, and if I can’t help them, point them in the right direction.”

O’Brien’s good deeds don’t end when the clock strikes 5 p.m. O’Brien, who once worked in the weight-loss industry, volunteers for public health and wellness organizations.

As chairperson for the Milford Chamber of Commerce’s Health & Wellness Council, O’Brien  organizes the annual “Step by Step to a Healthier Milford,” a six-week walking program encouraging residents to get more exercise.

“The mission is to make Milford the healthiest city in Connecticut … to get people moving [in ways] that creates change in your life,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien also dedicates a lot time to helping other women.

Through the Orange Chamber of Commerce, O’Brien and a group of women organized “Not Your Mom’s Networking Event,” which brought together professional women and raised $1,000 in cash and products for Empowering Through Beauty, a charity which focuses on empowering women. Another event is planned for October and proceeds will go to Women of Power, a mentorship program for high school girls.

Through the organization, Network of Executive Women, O’Brien also helps raise scholarship money to help other women continue their education. O’Brien plans on taking college courses this fall to receive her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

While working in the insurance industry can be chaotic right now due to healthcare reform, O’Brien hopes future changes in the industry will lead to more people getting the insurance they need.

To work in the insurance industry, you have to love talking to people and be pretty thick-skinned, O’Brien said.

“But you know at the end of the day with the people you get through to, you are helping them and their families,” she said.

Traci O’Brien

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