Anna Sims

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Diane Arnold

A career banker, Essex Saving Bank’s Diane Arnold is not exactly someone you’d expect to find climbing ladders on construction sites. But Arnold, vice president, senior commercial loan officer and senior loan administration manager, counts many contractors among her clients, described the work zones as “incredibly enjoyable.”

Renee Pallenberg

During her nearly 30 years at Guilford Savings Bank, Renee Pallenberg, currently senior vice president, retail banking and marketing officer, has done it all. Since starting as a teller, Pallenberg has been involved with everything from IT to customer service, branch administration to marketing management.

Crystal Sides

When Dime Bank decided to upgrade more than 50 of its technology systems – a project the 150-year-old financial institution has since described as the most transformative and expensive project in its history – bank leaders knew just who should help lead the way: Crystal Sides.

Diane Cantello

As vice president of corporate sustainability at The Hartford, Diane Cantello helps coordinate the insurance giant’s sustainability agenda and directly oversees its environmental stewardship and community involvement. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this last role to local nonprofits, said Bobbie Bartucca, executive director of The Malta House of Care Foundation, a...

Nancy Hancock

Nancy Hancock might be officially known as a partner and the sole female executive committee member at Pullman & Comley LLC, but she has a different explanation for her work: “I am the Office of Insoluble Problems,” she said. “And [my clients] come up with the most unique and fascinating problems.” Hancock has worked...

Dana Chapel

Dana Chapel joined the banking world in 1989 as a part-time teller at New England Savings Bank. She worked hard and earned several promotions at the bank, which later became part of Citizens Bank, until she found herself in a back-office job in the training department, where she missed being able to work with and help customers.

Mary Reynolds

When Mary Reynolds first joined Rockville Bank, she was tasked with processing loans for a woman who was not only the top loan officer in the office, but one of the top loan officers in the country.

Filomena Soyster

“When Filomena is determined to get something done, she gets it done,” said Bobbie Bartucca, who has firsthand experience trying – and – to resist the passion, commitment and energy of Filomena Soyster.