Patti White

Patti White joined Norcom in 2008, after 20 years in the legal industry. She now serves as president of Military Direct Mortgage, a division of Norcom Mortgage. She is a licensed MLO in 23 states.

Norcom’s President and CEO Phil DeFronzo said White exceeds the standards for this award.

“Patti’s unique talents and qualifications make her one of the best women in the finance world,” DeFronzo said. “She guides veterans through the entire home loan process and is a resource, supporter and friend to all veterans that come through the doors of MDM. She made it her mission to make veterans aware of their benefits and advises them of the best loan option for their needs. Her dedication to military members and her company is outstanding.”

White, whose husband is a veteran, said she was never made aware about the benefits of a VA loan when the couple bought their first home in 1989 or during the several times they refinanced, though they would have benefitted from it. After she got into the mortgage business and they refinanced into a VA loan, her passion for the product and the possibilities was ignited.

“Every single day we have veterans and their families trying to get into their first home and we’re helping them do that,” White said. “Or we help them pay off other bills and save hundreds of dollars a month. The military is this country’s largest employer with over 2.6 million employees.”

Because so many veterans don’t feel appreciated when they get home, White feels a responsibility to do what she can to help them.

“I feel like so many veterans don’t know they have these loans available to them,” White said. “Educating consumers and Realtors about them is really important. I feel like so many of them have felt unappreciated or struggled when they come back. We want to help however we can.”

When she’s out of the office, White enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and their three dogs. She also currently serves as president of Norcom Cares, the charitable foundation of Norcom Mortgage. 

Patti White

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