Alexis Trzcinski

Getting things done has always been a way of life for Alexis Trzcinski, who began dabbling in the business word at an early age. “As young as thirteen, I baked cakes, had a neighborhood pet care business, sold Avon, and even ran a pretty vast babysitting empire, if I do say so myself! I learned quickly, if you want something, go out and get it.”

She originally set her career sights on nursing, and after graduating from high school early, began nursing school. But at age 19, things took a radical turn when she was asked to became a full-time foster parent to her premature, newborn niece.

School was put on hold and Trzcinski was on the lookout for a career flexible enough to accommodate her caregiver role.

Tapping into her knack for technology and interest in local business, she soon launched a social media marketing business, managing accounts for businesses and individuals. It flourished, and soon she added a business partner and seven employees.
With that running smoothly, she began seeking a new challenge. Through a friend of her business partner, she met Realtor Jim Didato, who encouraged her leap into real estate.

True to form, she wasted no time in obtaining her license, and is now enjoying success at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Glastonbury. Only two years into her real estate career, she’s already made her mark: her team is in the top 2 percent in the entire country, she was nominated for Best of Hartford Magazine’s Realtor of the year, she has 100 percent list-to-sell ratio and five-star ratings from every past client.

Trzcinski enjoys bringing her talents in social media to real estate, both by mentoring professionals new to using the platforms, and by encouraging clients to use the technology.

“Social media is a big part of any industry,” she said. “It gives Realtors the ability to connect on a level that was never possible before.”

Trzcinski returned to school to complete her undergraduate degree and is currently working on an accelerated Ph.D. program with Southern New Hampshire University. She’s been active with fundraising for the Sunshine Kids foundation, a Hartford organization that provides activities and support to children battling cancer. Spare time is at a premium, but she has no complaints: “It may sound crazy, but I enjoy working, and the feeling of accomplishment.”

She credits her parents for fostering her spirit of independence and encouraging her to find a way for herself. “I once read a quote that really stuck with me: ‘Be only concerned with being the best you can be at that moment, for the moment moves with you continuously.’”

Alexis Trzcinski

by Debbie Swanson time to read: 2 min