Patty Dyer

Patty Dyer’s passion for helping people and serving her community is reflected both in her present role as vice president of mortgage lending at Union Savings Bank, and in the countless hours of charity work she’s accumulated over the years.

Dyer’s 35-year career in banking began when she was a college student, working part time in a bank. When she realized that her intended career plan – to teach foreign languages – might not be the future for her, she took a closer look at her banking job.

“I’ve been in every aspect of banking, and love mortgage lending the most,” she said. “It’s a good feeling to work with people, help get them settled in their first home. And now, I have the pleasure of helping some of my client’s children, and even grandchildren.”
Dyer has closed more than $450 million and over 1,800 loans in her banking career. At Union for almost 17 years, she has consistently been the top originator and, for each of the last six years, has averaged over $33.5 million in originations.
Her passion for people isn’t limited to her day at the bank – Dyer is active in many different organizations. She’s been on the Foundation Board at New Milford Hospital for six years and is on the Board of Realtors in both New Milford and Ridgefield. One project dear to her heart was with American Cancer Society, where she developed and chaired the Little Black Dress fundraiser.
“It’s a fun, fashion-oriented event; the woman came in their little black dresses, and just loved it,” she said.

Dyer has also planned golf tournaments, gala auctions, wine tastings and car raffles. A 14-hour day is nothing unusual to her.

“Doing this really makes me happy. When I’m in the throes of planning and it’s getting insane, I’ll stop and reflect upon what I’m doing it for. When I look at the money raised and the work accomplished, it’s just a natural high,” she said.

Recently at Union, she was appointed leader of a new, forward-thinking effort – a concierge-style solutions team.

“It’s the bank’s way of looking to the future, recognizing that brick-and-mortar-style banking is going away,” she said. “This is team of about nine experts from different aspects of banking, and we go into the field, to areas where there isn’t a physical bank building.”

She was appointed to the role by Cynthia Merkle, president and CEO of Union Savings Bank, who said Dyer was “a perfect choice for the role, given her sales success and team collaboration skills, as well as her commitment to the community.”

Dyer is proud of all her accomplishments, and credits her mother growing up for steering her toward success. “She was my sounding board. Good or bad, she listened,” she said. “The two phrases that stand out the most were “remember, not everyone works the way you do” and “sharpen your pencil, you can do this.” 

Patty Dyer

by Debbie Swanson time to read: 2 min