Shelley Kirschenbaum

Shelley Kirschenbaum knew that real estate was the right path for her from the beginning of her career, and since then has spent her days cultivating an office culture that goes above and beyond typical real estate.

“Shelley is just one of those people that has the whole package,” Beth DiLoreto said, regional vice president of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and one of Kirschenbaum’s nominators for a Women of FIRE Award. “She has a heart of gold.”

Kirschenbaum’s Glastonbury office was in the top 10 list of largest contributors to The Sunshine Kids Foundation seven years in a row, from 2007 to 2013. The nonprofit is dedicated to helping children with cancer throughout the country, and the Glastonbury office has fundraised every year under Kirschenbaum’s guidance and encouragement.

“I always say real estate is what we do, but raising money and working together for these kids (of The Sunshine Kids Foundation) is who we are,” Kirschenbaum said. “It’s extraordinary that our most productive agents make time during the busiest months of the spring market to help fundraise. … What better way to spend our time than helping people?”

A mentor to over 80 sales executives, Kirschenbaum leads her Glastonbury team with the blended qualities of a rough-and-tumble business woman and a graceful philanthropist.

“Shelley is one of the most confident businesswomen I have ever met,” said Candace Adams, president and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, who also nominated Kirschenbaum for a Women of FIRE Award. “But she is also soft-spoken and influences people with as much positive reenforcement as possible.”

Adams said that Kirschenbaum has tripled her operation in Glastonbury since joining the company, and credits her success to her exceptional communication skills and commitment to personal growth.

Kirschenbaum said that the best moments she has had in real estate have been with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services; she said it was “a perfect match” for her.

“What I love is relationship building, and that’s why I got into real estate,” Kirschenbaum said. “I believe Berkshire Hathaway has truly allowed me to be myself in business, and has given me the empowerment to lead an office my own way.”

DiLoreto said that no matter what, Kirschenbaum will always put her team first.

“Shelley is constantly asking what she, and her team, can do better,” DiLoreto said. “She always thinks outside the box and has her entire office rallying behind her.” 

Shelley Kirschenbaum

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