Patricia Jatkevicius

Patricia Jatkevicius credits her career to two individuals: A consultant who proved to be a valuable teacher, and a bank president willing to give her a chance.

“I had started a job as a marketing coordinator at a bank,” she recalled. “On my first day, the current president left, and a new president was sent in. He brought in a consultant, someone with whom I ended up working closely.”

At the end of her appointed tenure, the consultant approached the bank president and recommended Jatkevicius for the job of marketing director. Recognizing her talents, yet acknowledging that she didn’t have vast experience in the area, he suggested a one-year trial.

“After a year, I’d either be hired, or fired,” she said lightheartedly.

Jatkevicius embraced the opportunity, and seven years later, was still succeeding in the role. When the bank was acquired, she left for an opportunity closer to her home at Liberty Bank, and has remained there for the past 15 years. She is now executive vice president and chief marketing officer, and proud of both the product set she and her team have developed, as well as their success in elevating the Liberty Bank brand.

Under her leadership, Liberty has increased its brand visibility and web-based outreach to include social media, online banking, mobile banking, electronic application and online marketing campaigns, giving customers numerous ways to connect with the bank. The bank has more than doubled in size and consistently attracts more new households every year.

While Jatkevicius recognizes the successes of the marketing team, she credits much of their progress to bank president Chandler Howard, whom she says is a strong supporter in the importance of marketing. “He gives us the freedom and support to do what we need to keep at a competitive advantage,” she said.

Jatkevicius encourages young workers today to not be afraid of getting a foot in the door in any capacity, and then do what it takes to gain importance.

“I never went to college, but I’ve always being willing to raise my hand and do what needs to be done. I’ve watched my bosses over the years, observed what they need, then offered to help. If I needed to sit on the floor and collate things, I did that,” she said. “You never know what knowledge you’ll gain from an experience – and where that knowledge may take you.” 

Patricia Jatkevicius

by Debbie Swanson time to read: 2 min