Cheryl Kebalo

Cheryl Kebalo, broker/owner of RE/MAX Leading Edge real estate, received over 20 nominations for the Women of FIRE award from her colleagues. Each nomination was different, but nearly all of them talked about how helpful, forward-thinking, kind, charitable, successful and family-oriented she is.

“It feels fabulous,” Kebalo said. “It feels great just to be nominated.”

Kebalo said she got involved with real estate through her father-in-law, an immigrant from Ukraine and a carpenter. Kebalo said her husband and his brother inherited those carpentry skills and developed a 55-plus community in South Windsor. Her involvement in that project led her to her career in real estate.

“I quickly developed a passion for real estate and was on the fast track to becoming a broker,” Kebalo said. “After a handful of acquisitions, we are now almost 50 agents strong with four locations throughout Connecticut.”

One of those offices is a micro-office located in the Stop & Shop in South Windsor, the first of its kind in the state. Kebalo said she feels her success stems from always striving for bigger and better things and surrounding herself with like-minded people.

“It’s all about putting pen to paper and knowing what your vision and mission are,” Kebalo said. “Then, you have to be sure all of the people you surround yourself with share that vision and mission.”

Colleague Sue Nevins said Kebalo is “simply brilliant.”

“She knows everything there is to know about real estate,” Nevins said. “She’s supportive, sweet and kind. I just love her to death.”

Kebalo’s former business partner, Kurt Potter, said she is tireless about learning and improving her services.

“She spends a lot of time going to regional meetings and conferences,” he said. “She’s setting a great example; from morning to the evening, she works extremely hard. She never seems to be spread too thin. She gets a million things done in a day. Everything she does is in the best interest of the agents.”

Potter said Kebalo is easy to be around, always positive and extremely thoughtful.

“Working for Cheryl is almost like you’re working for a mom-and-pop outfit,” he said. “Even though RE/MAX is a huge company, it all starts with her. I could work for any company I want to, and I work for RE/MAX because of Cheryl.”

Cheryl Kebalo

by Jim Morrison time to read: 2 min