As client liaison/project manager for the Mystic River Building Co. LLC, creating the ideal home for her clients isn’t something that Leslie Karen Hammond takes lightly. With a deep respect for family and nature, she makes sure each project upholds her belief that where people live affects how they feel.

“I want [each client’s] home to express what’s important to them. I listen to their input on color, design, likes and dislikes, and try to convey that into the project,” she said. “A person’s home is their sanctuary; it’s where they go to unwind, let go. Their environment should make them feel extraordinary.”

Hammond has a broad knowledge of the construction industry, beginning with 14 years of employment at a lumberyard.  

“I did everything from ‘womaning’ the guard shack to managing the yard.  Then came the transition to production housing, the perfect segue into custom-building and renovations,” she says.

While industry knowledge is important, her unique mix of life experiences brings a lot to the table. As a Native American and practicing Shaman, she has traveled to Peru and New Mexico to train and to spend time in the mountains and jungle. This reinforces her connection with nature, appreciation of the world, and her desire to protect it.

She’s also committed to raising awareness that females can succeed in a male-dominated profession. “My goals (include) inspiring young ladies to think outside of the box when it comes to a career choice,” she said.

With that in mind, she regularly speaks about careers at a local middle school, where she hopes to break the stereotype that keeps many females from considering a future in construction. As current president of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Network, she’s developing a mentoring program, which she hopes will serve both the mentor and the mentee. She’s also authored a book on embracing transition and pursuing your passions, called Tap Your Source.

Hammond credits her success to both the opportunities she’s had and people that she’s met along the way. She plans to continue making inspirational lectures and helping people bring out their best, both in their home and in their life.

“There is no greater calling than to be of service,” she said.


Leslie Karen Hammond

by Debbie Swanson time to read: 2 min