Commercial real estate was not Elizabeth Judd’s first career choice.

Judd, president of Konover Commercial Corp., initially wanted to work in politics. She worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, as a Senate aide for Lowell Weicker.

But politics wasn’t for her.

“I was disillusioned,” Judd admitted.

So, she took a step back and thought about what career would be right for her.

“I liked urban history and planning,” she said. She networked with an alumnus from Georgetown University, her alma mater. Through this connection, Judd got a job as a real estate research analyst.

In 1987, Judd moved to Connecticut, and began working in real estate asset management.

It proved to be a good career choice.

“It’s not the same old routine,” Judd said. “Every day is different.”

Not wanting to go back to school, Judd’s commercial real estate education was entirely “on the job training.”

Commercial Real Estate for Women (CREW) – an organization that helps bring younger women up in the commercial real estate field – was also a huge help to Judd.

She was a founder of the North Virginia chapter, and is currently a charter member in Connecticut. As she has progressed through her career, a lot of opportunities have arisen because of her involvement in CREW, she said. She praised the organization, saying it “set the stage for me as one of the most important parts of my career.” In 2000, Judd joined Konover. As president of the commercial division, Judd oversees a portfolio of more than 3 million square feet. She acts as asset manager and owner representative for all owned and third-party properties.

Although Judd has many responsibilities, she gives a great deal of the credit to her team. “They do a lot of the heavy lifting. They are hard-working, dedicated, and a great staff,” commented Judd.

Judd also wants to expand from Connecticut, and increase her portfolio, in size and quality of properties.

Her idea of unwinding is reading a good mystery novel on the beach. She also enjoys tennis and needlepoint. Judd loves to travel and spend time with her husband, Randy, and her daughter Emily, 19, a sophomore at the University of Miami.

Elizabeth Judd

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