CT Leads $5.5M Multistate Settlement With Nationwide Insurance Co. Over 2012 Data Breach

Connecticut has joined with 31 other states and Washington D.C. in a $5.5 million settlement with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. and its subsidiary, Allied Property & Casualty Insurance Co., that resolves the states’ investigation into a 2012 data breach that exposed sensitive personal information of 1.2 million consumers across the country.

New Class Action Lawsuit For Wells Fargo

A new lawsuit accuses Wells Fargo & Co. of racketeering violations and fraud after the bank admitted to charging several hundred thousand borrowers for auto insurance they did not ask for or need, causing many delinquencies.

Doctors Indicted For Medicaid Fraud

A federal grand jury in Bridgeport indicted two doctors on charges of narcotics distribution, health care fraud and money laundering offenses.

State Sues Norwalk Doctor For Medicaid Fraud Allegations

The suit alleges that Dr. Ramil Mansourov billed Connecticut’s Medicaid program for millions of dollars in services that were never provided to his Medicaid patients and further defrauded the program by falsifying his income information in order to obtain Medicaid benefits for himself and his two children.

Windsor Woman Stole $250K From Ailing Employer

A Connecticut woman who stole more than $250,000 from her Massachusetts employer – even as he struggled with dementia and cancer – has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison.

Bloomfield’s Cigna Buys Zurich Insurance Middle East

Cigna has recently announced the acquisition of general insurer, Zurich Insurance Middle East. The acquisition, which was successfully completed in June, marks the beginning of a new phase of operations for Cigna in the Middle East.

Health Insurance Hearings To Be Held In Hartford

Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wade recently announced that the department has officially notified health insurers that their health rate requests for 2018 will be the subject of public hearings on June 14.